Race 4: Norisring


Friday 30-6-2017

14:25 - 15:25

Result: 0


Friday 1-7-2017

11.55 – 12.30

Qualify 1: 11

Qualify 2: 9

Race ROUND 1

Saturday 1-7-2017

16:40 - 17:05

Start: 11

Result: 4

Race ROUND 2

Sunday 2-7-2017

13:05 - 13:40

Start: 9

Result: 5

Race 4: Norisring

Posted on 28th Jun 2017 in The Road to Glory

The fourth race....

Update race 1:
After a good start I managed to overtake two drivers. Lap by lap the feeling got better and better and in the end I finished on P4.

Update Saturday:
The results of the qualifying:
race 1: P11
race 2: P9

Update Friday:
For me it is the first time on a street circuit, so I have to listen very carefully to the conversation between my car and the track. As always we need every inch of a track to get the best time. Sometimes that means you have to leave a bit of paint behind. This time my mark is on a grey wall, which now has a little touch of yellow on it....

Watch race 1.

Watch race 2.

My compilation.